2019 Board of Directors
Board members for the 2019 term were elected by the membership at the
annual meeting held on December
5th, 2018.

Jim Vernon
Susan Wirt
Fred Cyran   
Member at Large             
Charles Kellogg
Member at Large             
Carl Sullivan
These elected Board members are volunteer unit owners and are charged with the ultimate responsibility and authority for
operating the community association on behalf of its owners. It is the role of the board to set the policies, standards,
procedures, programs and budgets for VillaRosso and to maintain, protect, preserve and enhance the common areas and the
unit values of the total community.

Unit owners are encouraged to attend monthly board meetings and/or communicate to the board with questions or comments
concerning the above roles and responsibilities as well as:

  • Association Plans                     
  • Finances/Budget
  • Reserves                                                                                         
  • Website
  • Building Manager
  • Building Management
  • Building Improvements
  • Building Maintenance

Residences at DTC West